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We warmly welcome  students , all over the world , interested to learn
the Holy QURAN , ARABIC & URDU language

Anas online QURAN & URDU Academy

Anas Online QURAN & URDU Academy is an excellent,Online QURAN, URDU, and ARABIC language learning institution that enables students , all over the world to Learn the holy QURAN, URDU, and ARABIC Language at their home. We have a team of highly trained & qualified tutors. We teach the holy QURAN, URDU, and ARABIC languages , 24 hours , 7 days a week . Anas Online QURAN & URDU Academy is a non-partisan organization , not part of any extremist group or organization. So students (male, female, kids)  can learn the holy QURAN, URDU, and ARABIC language and other teachings of Islam, safely at the comfort of their homes.

Well Qualified Tutors

Sardar Nisar Ahmad


He teaches  Nazra e Quran with Phonic Base  method, which helps students to learn The Holy Quran very fast . This is a very popular and best Teaching Method for students .It’s his specialty.

Teaching Experience

He is also a Good Urdu Teacher for Urdu learners
He is also a Good Arabic Teacher to teach Arabic Grammar and Translation of The Holy Quran.


Years Nazra e Quran and Tajweed experiece .


Years as Principal in The Arqam Schools Nawanshehr Abbottabad.( Continue )


Year as Subject Specialist (Islamic Studies ) and HOD Islamic Department Punjab College Gujar Khan,Pakistan .


years as a Subject Specialist (Islamic Studies ) and Coordinator in Unique Schools and Collages Wahdat Road, Lahore,Pakistan.


year as a Subject Specialist ( Islamic Studies ) and Coordinator in the Educator, Marghzar Campus, Lahore, Pakistan.

Why You chose Us

Students from all over the world can learn the holy QURAN, ARABIC, and URDU at the comfort of their homes through Anas Online QURAN & URDU, Academy.



We warmly welcome students , all over the world , interested to learn the Holy QURAN , ARABIC & URDU language .So students (male , female , kids) can learn the holy QURAN , ARABIC & URDU language and other teachings of Islam , safely at the comfort of their homes.



Anas Online QURAN & URDU Academy wants to provide it’s students the best online Holy QURAN , ARABIC AND URDU language courses . So you can learn all these courses in the comfort of at your own home. Children, young adults, and seniors of all ages can attend our classes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A fair question that may cross your kid’s mind when you are thinking to put him/her in online Quran classes. You may have the same question in mind when you are trying to convince yourself to learn Quran at any stage in life.

The short and sweet answer: Everyone from anywhere.

The online Quran academy’s services are accessible to everyone worldwide. No matter if you are located in the USA, UK, Germany, France, UAE, or any other part of the world, you can learn Quran with Quranforkids.

Quranforkids has a range of courses in various categories. Whether you are a beginner or already have a reasonable grasp of the Arabic language, the academy has a course for everyone.

Their courses are specialized to meet your or your kid’s unique needs. The courses are also a great choice for converted Muslims who want to learn the Quran and have a deep understanding of Islam.

While you may find many online Quran teachers on the internet, not all are highly-skilled and immensely experienced to give you the best results. That’s why Quranforkids strives to be the unique and most trusted online Quran academy to ensure that you get the maximum output.

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