Tajweed Courses

There are specific sounds that must be pronounced correctly in every language. Due to the complexity of Arabic, even the slightest pronunciation error can totally alter the meaning of a word. Only the Holy Quran should be recited in the manner in which it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad since it is the written word of Allah subhana hu talah (SAW).

Importance of Tajweed
Which helps reach the hearts of listeners

Anyone who wants to recite the Quran correctly must learn and follow the pronunciation guidelines which means rules of Tajweed . By doing so, you’ll be able to pronounce each letter clearly and at the appropriate angle. Additionally, it will educate you to respect the Arabic alphabet’s distinctive features.


◊ When reciting the Quran, use proper pronunciation techniques.

◊ Recognize the proper rhythmic tones when delivering.

◊  Make your presentation of the Scriptures beautiful.

◊ Your recitation of the Glorious Quran needs improvement.


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