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With more than 15 years of expertise offering online Quran classes and more than 1500 students, Quran For Kids is the top Suffah Islamic Academy. We provide students all around the world with high-quality, reasonably priced Quran sessions as well as certified, highly competent Quran teachers and tutors. We recruit professional Quran experts.

Our Skills and Experience Quran Teacher at Home

Mrs Molana Naeem ur Rahman :  (Hafizul Quran ) “Jamia Aisha Lilbanat”
5 year experience

Molana Naeem ur Rahman:(MA Arbi Islamic studies) Fazil darse nizami banuri town karachi
10 year experience

Qari Inamullah:(Hafizul Quran )Studied Quran In Jamiyah Khairiyah for Quran Memorization in Riyadh KSA
5 year experience

The top Quran tutors from around the world who are proficient in Quran Tajweed, Quran Recitation, Arabic Grammar, Fiqh, and Hadith Courses as well as effective teaching techniques to instruct students from any region have been hired by us. Quran tutors for both men and women are qualified at our  Suffah Islamic Academy

When selecting our Quran teachers and tutors, we carefully abide by the following standards.

◊  Graduate of any reputable university, jaamia, or institute

◊  Expert in Tajweed and also the Quran

◊  kind and tender nature

◊   24 hours availability

◊  Learn at Your Preferred Time

◊ Both Male And Female Quran Tutors

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